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1300 TPH Greenfield Development Project
In-Pit Primary Crusher Installation
500 TPH Portable/Stationary Greenfield
Inter-model Brownfield Development

1300 TPH Greenfield Development Project

AME Technologies was contracted to develop the Greenfield site and mine plan, design the processing facility, design the rail loadout plans, and design the track system to handle multiple unit trains.

plant flow model site development plan site arrangement rail design process plant site rail operating tertiary quaternary plant screens and crushers dual rail loadout tracks dual rail loadout systems waste fines and water recovery

1250 TPH In-Pit Primary Crusher Installation

AME Technologies was contracted to develop the operational mine plan for long term utilization of in-pit primary crushing with surge capacity, and to design the primary crushing and conveying system.

site plan flow model design details start pit development developed pit in-pit primary station operational system surge system

500 TPH Portable/Stationary Greenfield Development

AME Technologies was contracted to develop short term and long term mine plans for the Greenfield site, and to design the processing facility utilizing existing portable equipment combined with new stationary equipment as needed for optimization. Contracted for continual support and modifications.

long range mine plan short term mine plan flow model design plans processing plant crushing plant crushing plant relocation conveyor extension

Brownfield Development Site with Rail Access

AME Technologies was contracted to design rail access into a potential brown-field development and to complete general arrangement site plans for potential industry uses. Design work included multiple options for material handling systems to manage material flow between Great Lake vessels, rail and truck transportation.

brownfield site site plans rail design rail plans

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